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A Montreal Drummer With Thousands Of Followers Was Chosen To Be One Of TikTok's New Faces

She's about to pop off.
A Montreal Drummer With Thousands Of Followers Was Chosen To Be One Of TikTok's New Faces

If you haven't heard of Montreal TikToker and drummer Domino Santantonio, now would be the time to get clued in — because she's about to pop off.

Santantonio, who has 456,000 followers on TikTok, was recently selected by the video-sharing social networking app to star in its upcoming campaign, "It Starts on TikTok."

The campaign will first air on VRAK and RDS on October 10 and 11, and it "showcase[s] the role that TikTok has and will continue to play in the lives of hundreds of millions of people," according to a statement sent to MTL Blog.

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4.1 MILLION "Likes" on Domino Santantonio's TikTok

Santantonio is one of just a handful of Canadian content creators who will be highlighted in the campaign and the only one based in Quebec.

The statement says she was chosen because she's "made an impact through TikTok," highlighting some of today’s "most-recognized online trends and popular songs."

She is known for covering the greatest hits.

For instance, on October 9, she covered "Jump" by Van Halen in honour of the group's founder, Eddie Van Halen, who died October 6.  

She has a huge smile on her face in every video and plays with heart — not to mention mega talent.

You can follow @dominosantantonio on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube — and, of course, keep an eye on the TV to see her in the TikTok campaign. 

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