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A Montreal Tim Hortons Robber Climbed In The Drive-Thru Window Or Posed As An Employee

Police are asking for help to identify a suspect who hit seven different locations.

A Montreal Tim Hortons Robber Climbed In The Drive-Thru Window Or Posed As An Employee

Police are appealing to the public to help identify a suspect behind break-ins and robberies at seven different Montreal Tim Hortons locations. The crimes took place between the end of December 2021 and the beginning of January 2022. All the targeted Tim Hortons locations are in the East End.

According to a February 7 release from the SPVM, the suspect uses two modi operandi. Either they climb through a drive-thru window at night or they pose as an employee and just walk in through the front door when a restaurant is open.

They then go for cash drawers, even going so far as to rip them out before fleeing on foot. Police say the suspect does all this "without any threat or violence towards the people present."

The SPVM describes the suspect as an approximately 20-year-old white male who speaks French with a North African accent. They have been seen wearing a "dark coloured coat with a Canada Goose logo and black Air Force 1 Jordan style shoes with a metallic rectangle on the laces," the release states.

Police also say the suspect has used three different bags. On two occasions, they had a black shoulder bag with a white skull on it.

A security video screenshot shows the robber wearing a hood, black cap, dark-coloured gloves and backpack, and what appears to be a procedure mask.

The SPVM is asking anyone with information that could help identify the suspect to call 9-1-1 or contact their local police station.

Montrealers can also submit anonymous tips through the Info-Crime platform.

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