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A Montrealer Ordered Over $735 Of Sushi In One Day & We Can Relate

Our hero.
A Montrealer Ordered Over $735 Of Sushi In One Day On SkipTheDishes & We Can Relate

There's no shame in admitting that after the first few lockdown months of baking bread and trying new recipes, you kind of got fed up with that and queued up SkipTheDishes whenever you got the munchies. 

One Montrealer got the munchies so bad that they ordered $737.25 worth of sushi in just one day and honestly, we're very impressed and can relate. 

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$737.25 In Sushi

According to the company's end of year data, Quebecers have made a lot of use of the service during lockdown.

One stat that immediately made me log onto Skip and check my receipts was that one Quebecer made 430 orders this year. Much to my relief, I have a ways to go before I hit that milestone. 

The three most popular cuisines ordered by Quebecers on Skip are Japanese, Italian, and American/Canadian. 

Quebecers weren't the ones who loved SkipTheDishes the most, though.

If you think a $737.25 sushi order is a lot, one Edmontonian spent $900.27 on just three bottles of Dom Pérignon champagne. 

Another Albertan ordered from Skip 962 times this year, which is around 2.6 orders per day or 18.5 per week.

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