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A Ranking Of NHL Mascots Was Not Very Kind To The Montreal Canadiens' Youppi

The full line-up made a furry convention look deeply appealing.

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​Youppi! on ice.

Youppi! on ice.

Turn that frown Youp-side down. The Montreal Canadiens' mascot Youppi! may have placed among the worst in the NHL — according to a survey with decidedly too few Quebec participants — but at least the furry orange monster still bested the Sens' weak-maned Spartcat and the Flames' (tongue) depressing Harvey the Hound.

A recent survey of 900 hockey fans by NY Bet ranked every fur-covered, derpy-looking NHL mascot. The full line-up made a furry convention look deeply appealing.

Al the Octopus of the Detroit Redwings had a few legs up on the competition, placing first even though there's no suited version of the mascot, just an inflated grimacing cephalopod that hangs in the rafters above the rink.

Toothsome Mick E. Moose of the Winnipeg Jets took second place, followed by Wild Wing of the Anaheim Ducks, a Donald Duck meets Jason Vorhees crossover nightmare.

In a polarizing pick for Habs fans, Toronto Maple Leafs' mascot Carlton the Bear placed 4th on the list and was also recognized as the cutest of all mascots.

Youppi! came in 26th overall, but 4th in 'Most Obnoxious during Games,' so Montreal fans can still take pride in his legacy. He was the first mascot to be ejected from a major league game in 1989 after annoying the competition after all.

Metal, the Habs' weird Movember-appropriate mascot who accompanied the release of retro jerseys sporting Expos colours (even though Youppi! originally repped the baseball team) did not make the list.

Here's how every mascot placed overall:

A ranking of the 2022 best and worst NHL mascots.NY Bet.

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