A Speakeasy In Montreal Is Popping Up In Secret Spots All Over The City

All in extremely romantic settings. 😍

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Candlelit tables, a plant and lounge decor in a Montreal restaurant. Right: Candles and flowers on a table.

Candlelit tables, a plant and lounge decor in a Montreal restaurant. Right: Candles and flowers on a table.

The secret culinary events agency MOPA is taking Montreal date nights to a whole new level.

This ephemeral speakeasy in Montreal has strayed away from the classic rules of catering and lets you enjoy a delicious meal in all kinds of unique settings around the city.

This concept, created by chef Salvatore Armonia, also known for Zizi Pop and Avocado Bar, in collaboration with Charlotte Guerre, is quite particular.

Every MOPA dinner is unique, so they're sure to be an experience you've never encountered before.

What can you expect?

All the details of the evening are only revealed once you arrive at the secret location.

Chef Salvatore and Charlotte Guerre like to choose out-of-the-ordinary venues such as rooftop terraces, gardens — all ones with very romantic settings.

"We decorate the space that receives us in a unique way. Most of the time, it is also only lit by candlelight. We try to find places that are quite atypical and give them an atmosphere and a theme. We're always in a bit of a bohemian environment," the creator of the concept told Narcity Québec.

What's on the menu?

You can expect surprises and all kinds of delicious flavours.

You'll have the chance to try different combinations that you've never thought of or dared to try since Salvatore likes to have fun with his dishes.

He states: "We had a dessert in December that was eaten directly from the palm of your hand. [...] Always in the field of culinary discovery, in fact, we push the experience a little bit, like destructured desserts that are thrown on the table for a very artistic side [...] or we'll have a parmesan cheese animation, for example, with pasta that is made directly in the cheese wheel."

About seven courses, all to be shared, will be served. You will be able to find touches of Italian gastronomy fused with Asian cuisine and all designed with Quebec food to highlight local products.

How does it work?

First things first, you need to follow the agency's Instagram page to keep an eye out for announcements of future event dates.

The chef then sends an email to participants on the waiting list with more information about the location.

MOPA events are held only two to four times per month. However, several dates will be added this summer. The event is always in a very intimate dinner format. The number of guests varies from 25 to 40 people.

The cost of the experience is $64, before taxes and tips. Alcohol is not served at the events, but you're welcome to bring your own!

You can also have a private group experience for 15 people or more, which ranges from $70 to $90 per person. The MOPA team will work with you to create a celebration that's tailored to your needs.

The MOPA Experience

Cost: $64 plus tax per person

When: Event dates are share on MOPA's Instagram

Where: Secret locations


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