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Alicia Moffet And Many Other Artists Will Perform Free Concerts In Front Of The Bell Centre This Year

The Molson Export Concert Series will be wild!

Alicia Moffet And Many Other Artists Will Perform Free Concerts In Front Of The Bell Centre This Year
Montreal Canadiens | Facebook Alicia Moffet | Facebook

On top of contests and escape games, the Montreal Canadiens keep on innovating in order to offer you a memorable experience throughout game nights. This time, music is in the spotlight with the Molson Export Concert Series.

To celebrate the start of the 113th regular season of the Canadiens, four live concerts featuring well-known artists and others to discover are offered outside the Bell Centre at the tailgate level, on the Place des Canadiens in the Rio Tinto Courtyard.

While early birds will have the chance to enjoy the event with their friends, the performances will also resume after the game. Drinks will be available on-site to quench your thirst between songs.

Alicia Moffet | Facebook

These free concerts offered by Molson Export will begin on October 22 with Alicia Moffet, the singer who won the 2015 edition of La voix. Moffet will open the event with her potent vocal cords before Big Big takes over the stage. The fiery duo composed of rappers J7 and Adamo will have the honour of closing the evening, immediately after the game.

These shows are unprecedented since the team was created in 1909, and thus the Habs make hockey history again. In addition to being festive, these concerts will be a golden opportunity to relax before the game and to continue the frenzy afterwards.

Other musical performances will follow during the season, featuring the following artists:

  • Saturday 5 November — Pre-match: Qualité Motel & After-match: Danick Bastien (DJ)
  • Monday 13 March — Country Special - the artists will be unveiled shortly
  • Tuesday 4 April — Retro 90s special - artists will also be unveiled shortly

To learn more about the full program and more details, you can always visit the Canadiens' website.

To make sure you really have a blast during these shows, a Meet and Greet contest will also be organized for attendees, giving you the chance to not only see your favourite musicians perform live, but also to meet them! A bunch of influencers will also be there so you can chat with them. That's enough to make your whole squad jealous!

Qualité Motel | Facebook

Now, it's time to bring your music-loving friends to discover emerging artists from the province and make them proudly wear the Habs' colours. Laughter, fun and arena hot dogs are guaranteed, and of course, Youpi! Special appearances will make these free activities, ones not to be missed!

If you'd like to learn more about the Montreal Canadiens and their concerts, you can visit their website, Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter profile and YouTube channel.