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Antoni Porowski Brought His BF To Montreal Which Explains Why Temps Are Finally Going Up

Antoni also shared a pic from inside a Westmount restaurant.

Antoni Porowski Brought His BF To Montreal Which Explains Why Temps Are Finally Going Up

Montrealer and hunky Queer Eye chef Antoni Porowski apparently brought his boyfriend Kevin Harrington to Montreal at some point this winter and posed in front of a cabane à sucre in Old Montreal's Place Jacques-Cartier. Porowski posted a pic of the moment to Instagram on January 31.

It's unclear when exactly the pair visited the chef's hometown. The photo is part of a roundup of pics and videos Porowski only said come from "weeks past."

What we do know is that Montreal temperatures have finally started rising after a frigid January full of record-breaking lows. Could Antoni's perpetually smouldering visage be singularly responsible for the weather shift? Yes. Does it matter that Porowski and Harrington could have visited the city weeks ago? No.

In the timeline of events, the pair came to Quebec and then temps later started rising.

At least one other photo in the January 31 Instagram post is from a Montreal visit. The pic shows Harrington covering his face while looking at his phone at a table in Westmount restaurant Taverne sur le Square, suggesting the couple was here before restaurant dining rooms closed on December 31.

This isn't the first time the Queer Eye star brought his partner to Montreal. In December 2019, Harrington shared a photo of Porowski conducting what he called "Canadian bootcamp" over a shared poutine at a Montreal restaurant.

No other photos in the January 31 post clearly show a recognizable location in Quebec. There are two outdoor shirtless pics that were definitely not taken in the province in the last month.

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