A&W Canada Is Testing A New Plastic-Free Cup At Some Locations In Ontario

Their root beer is iconic and now so are their cups!

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​The new A&W Canada Butterfly Cup is plastic-free.

The new A&W Canada Butterfly Cup is plastic-free.

Courtesy of A&W Canada

Next time you order a A&W coffee to go, you could get it in an unusual cup. The company is testing a new eco-friendly design at some locations in Ontario before deciding whether to move forward with a nationwide launch.

The ButterflyCup, named for its unique top, is made of compostable materials and can hold both hot and cold drinks.

There's no plastic lining, so it can be recycled like paper at home.

"We're hoping to substantially reduce the number of take-out cups that end up in landfills, by avoiding the use of plastic lids and liners that can’t be recycled," said A&W's Brand Communications and Digital Marketing Director Julia Cutt.

"We serve millions of to-go cups every year, so this is an area where we can make a big difference by offering sustainable packaging."

The cup also eliminates the need for straws, since customers sip their beverage out of one of the elevated sides.

Cutt said A&W Canada is aiming for zero waste and their first goal is tackling single-use waste products.

It's not just eco-conscious customers who will appreciate the new design. Clumsy customers can also be reassured.

"[It] has a spill guard that is designed to be more leakproof than the standard to-go cups available at most restaurants," Cott said.

While the company hopes to roll out the cup across Canada, it's being piloted at A&W restaurants in Toronto first. If you end up at a location testing the cups, you can give your feedback here.

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MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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