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8 Pics From Grumpy Mittens-Wearing Bernie Sanders' Day Touring Montreal

Bernie hit up iconic spots in the 514, and we found the photo album!
8 Pics From Grumpy Mittens-Wearing Bernie Sanders' Day Touring Montreal

The Internet, in all its peak hilarity, exploded after images from U.S. President Joe Biden's and Vice President Kamala Harris' inauguration surfaced on January 20, featuring Senator Bernie Sanders looking Vermont-ish, cold and grumpy. But what would inauguration Bernie Sanders look like touring Montreal landmarks?

Thanks to us, you'll never have to wonder.

Editor's Choice: The STM Put Grumpy Mittens-Wearing Bernie On The Metro & He's A Big Montreal Mood (PHOTO)

Bernie is all of us waiting in Quebec's gusty winter tundra weather for an STM bus that shows up an hour late.

theskytaker | Instagram

Here he is waiting for his grandchildren to be done with silly winter skating at Old Montreal's La Grande roue. 

montreal | Instagram

When given a tour of the city during the holiday season in Montreal, Bernie did not seem impressed by the city's giant, terrifying nutcrackers. 

Lea Sabbah

Here is Bernie, looking unfazed after secretly spray-painting Montreal's Gibeau Orange Julep for the cause. 

neldyg | Instagram

Bernie isn't impressed by the fact that his favourite Montreal bars and restaurants remain closed because of increasing cases of COVID-19. 

downinthedmemes | Instagram

He also wasn't impressed by the skyline view on the Mount-Royal lookout — rumour has it he complained he had no time for sightseeing when the top one percent of Americans still have more wealth than the bottom half of the country's citizens.

mont.royal.view | Instagram

However, sometime during his overnight trip to Montreal, Bernie still found time to enjoy a mild winter day at Montreal's Botanical Gardens.

olivierprt | Instagram
jfsavaria | Instagram

Last but not least, we FINALLY solved the mystery of who's behind the little pink house in Saint-Henri.

You can make your own local Bernie memes using this address-based website.

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