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Bloc Québécois Is Asking Quebecers To Start Saying 'Bonjour-HO!' This Holiday Season

Twitter is having an absolute FIELD DAY with this one...
Bloc Québécois Is Asking Quebecers To Start Saying 'Bonjour-HO!' This Holiday Season

By now, any Quebecer knows the major controversy that exists around the infamous "Bonjour-Hi" salutation in our province.

It's become so well-known that Saturday Night Live even made a skit about it.

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Certain political parties, along with the Office québécois de la langue français (OQLF), have been trying to ban the "Hi" part of the saying as a means to protect the French language in Quebec.

And Bloc Québécois' new campaign came up with an alternative for the phrase to replace it: "Bonjour-HO!"

The party's leader, Yves-François Blanchet, says "Montreal will also benefit from the 'Bonjour – HO!' campaign which promotes the use of French."

One Twitter user pointed out that the plural of "ho" in English is "hoes."

In the same vein, another person responded to the tweet saying "Um... Do you know what HO means in common language? If you translate into French, it means Bonjour Pute!"

So, if you're wondering how Quebecers are feeling about the whole "Bonjour-HO!" idea, just go ahead and search it up on Twitter — you won't be disappointed.

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