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Everything You Need To Know About Canada's New COVID-19 Travel Rules

Including the dates they're supposed to take effect.

Everything You Need To Know About Canada's New COVID-19 Travel Rules

Everything You Need To Know About Canada's New COVID-19 Travel Rules

On Monday, July 19, the Government of Canada announced a new series of COVID-19 travel rules that, in August, will finally allow fully vaccinated American travellers to enter the country for non-essential reasons.

But what about travellers from other countries? Here's everything you need to know about Canada's new COVID-19 travel rules.

When can Americans come back to Canada?

As of August 9, 2021, Canada will allow American citizens and permanent residents who live in the U.S. and "have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days" across the border for non-essential travel.

Travellers arriving by air will also no longer have to undergo a mandatory three-day hotel quarantine.

The government noted that "all travellers must still provide a quarantine plan and be prepared to quarantine, in case it is determined at the border that they do not meet the necessary requirements."

Americans must have had one of the four government-approved vaccines against COVID-19 — Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Astra-Zeneca/COVIDSHIELD, or Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) — and provide proof that they've had all the required doses.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents will still need to have proof of a negative COVID-19 test regardless of their vaccination status, however.

According to the Government of Canada, all U.S. travellers must register their travel and health information on the ArriveCAN app, as well.

What if I'm travelling from another country?

Along with the plans to welcome back American travellers, Canada has announced preliminary plans to reopen its borders to any fully-vaccinated international travellers.

The tentative date is September 7, 2021 "provided that the domestic epidemiologic situation remains favourable," according to the government.

Like the Americans, international travellers must "have completed the full course of vaccination with a Government of Canada-accepted vaccine at least 14 days prior to entering Canada." Travellers must also have proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

They'll also need to "provide COVID-19-related information electronically through ArriveCAN, including proof of vaccination prior to arrival in Canada; meet the pre-entry testing requirements; be asymptomatic upon arrival, and have a paper or digital copy of their vaccination documentation in English or French (or certified translation) ready to show a government official on request as evidence."

What if I'm not fully vaccinated?

In a press release shared with MTL Blog and Narcity, the government states that "travellers who do not meet all the required eligibility requirements for discretionary (non-essential) travel will be denied entry into Canada."

Otherwise, Canada will "continue to require unvaccinated travellers to undergo Day 1 and Day 8 COVID-19 molecular tests and complete a mandatory 14-day quarantine, subject to limited exceptions."

Unvaccinated children under 12 years old travelling with fully vaccinated adults won't need to quarantine but must adhere to strict health measures, including "Day 1 and Day 8 testing requirements."

The government noted that "individuals who cannot be fully vaccinated due to a health condition for which vaccination is contraindicated according to the vaccine's label may also qualify for the eased quarantine and testing requirements."

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