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Here's What To Expect At Montreal-Trudeau Airport Once The New Travel Rules Begin

There will be a separate line for the fully vaccinated at customs.
What To Expect At Montreal-Trudeau Airport With New Travel Rules

With Canada's new international travel rules coming into effect on July 5, there are a few procedures that you need to keep in mind before you decide to take your next flight from Montreal. 

Here's what to expect at Montreal-Trudeau Airport (YUL).

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What are Canada's new travel rules & how do they affect me? 

As of 11:59 p.m. on July 5, fully-vaccinated travellers who enter Canada won't have to quarantine for 14 days or take a COVID-19 test on their eighth day in the country.

The same travellers can also skip the mandatory hotel stay. 

For people leaving Canada, the rules for quarantines and testing vary from country to country — and even region to region.

"Remember that the majority of countries currently require proof of a negative test to allow entry into their territory," a YUL spokesperson told MTL Blog.

Montreal-Trudeau has rapid-service testing in the terminal that yields results within an hour.

There will also be separate lines for fully-vaccinated travellers

YUL Airport confirmed to MTL Blog that "the pathway for dual-tested passengers upon arrival at the border control area will be different from that of other passengers."

If I'm fully vaccinated, am I good to go without a mask? 

Nope, you'll still have to wear a mask in all public spaces at the airport and on the plane. 

According to YUL, masks are still mandatory "when passing through YUL and temperature checks are taken at security checkpoints, as is the case at all airports across the country."

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