On Wednesday, Angela Price, wife of Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price, and Vancouver-based contractors Vertical Grain Projects posted photos offering a little peek at the renovation of the Prices' home in Kelowna, B.C.

Details are few, but the posts do hint at some intriguing details, including a mysterious "fun house" for Carey.

"Quick trip to Kelowna to check on the home renovation was a success," Angela wrote on Instagram. "Things are moving right along, Carey's fun house/man cave is pretty much complete and final decisions were made for the main house."

"We are so excited to see how everything comes together these next couple months."

A carousel of photos from Vertical Grain appears to show a contemporary, rustic-industrial aesthetic with light wood panelling and beams, dark metallic accents, sleek kitchen cabinetry and lots of natural light.

The company did not confirm its photos depicted the Prices' renovation project, but Angela took to the comments section to express her approval, suggesting it is, indeed, her home.

"The kids seemed to like it, so we see that as a big win!" Vertical Grain wrote in the post.