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Habs Fans Raised The Alarm Over An Odd Photo Of Andrei Vasilevskiy & Carey Price

But it seems to have been a big conspiracy. Here's what we know.
Montreal Canadiens Alarmed Over Photo Of Andrei Vasilevskiy

Now that the dust has settled on the Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup loss, Habs fans have pointed out that Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy's uniform looked suspiciously inflated in a post-game photo.

And since we all know Habs fans are the calmest and most level-headed hockey fans out there, the question is: did Vasilevskiy really use illegal goalie equipment or is this a nonsense complaint from sad and angry Canadiens fans? 

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The photo in question, posted on TSN's official Instagram page, shows Carey Price and Vasilevskiy standing face to face with Vasilevskiy looking awfully puffed up compared to Price — from the viewer's perspective, at least.

Following Wednesday's game, several Habs fans took to Twitter with unfounded accusations of illegal equipment.

Some also employed their meme and photoshop skills.

With only a five-pound weight difference between the two goaltenders, the photo of Vasilevskiy naturally raised some alarms.

The rules about goalie equipment measurements in the Official NHL Rulebook are very specific, however, and it's unlikely that Vasilevskiy would be able to get away with additional material.

Calgary Flames goalie Louis Domingue also seems to have put the conspiracy to rest.

Speaking to Mario Langlois on 98.5 Montréal's Les Amateurs de sports,Domingue insisted that Vasilevskiy "doesn't have a bigger chest protector than anyone else."

"The only difference is that he wears it on the outside of his pants."

The Flames goalie also theorized that the camera angle exaggerated the size of the gear.

Domingue called the conspiracy "frustrating."

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