Carey Price Just Had Knee Surgery In NYC

During the 2020-2021 NHL playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens' beloved goalie Carey Price was apparently so focused on the game that his wife Angela Price said he moved to the basement of their home. And since the series ended, the man has been on the move.

Mid-July, the couple and their three children took a trip to Kelowna, British Colombia to check on their house renovations, which were said to have been a success. Shortly after, Carey Price found himself in New York City to undergo knee surgery.

Angela Price shared this news on July 27, saying "Carey and I were in NY for his surgery, we went in with a lot of unknown, luckily coming out of surgery the doctor said everything was best case scenario given the circumstance."

The Montreal Canadiens recently tweeted about Carey's surgery also, stating "Carey Price underwent knee surgery on Friday, and is expected to be ready for the start of the 2021-22 season."

In other news, Price's wife also shared what restaurant they ate at while they were in the Big Apple. So if you're ever in NYC once the borders open up and want to dine the way the Habs' goalie does, make sure to check out the seafood restaurant Catch NYC.

The couple will slowly be making their way back to Montreal. Price's wife explained that "his rehab and having another person to take care of I'm sure will have it's challenges but feeling like it's finally time to just relax, decompress and mentally start preparing for our return to Montréal."