This American Model Spending Quarantine In MTL Turns Every Street Into Her Runway (PHOTOS)

Caroline Vreeland went from a hectic NYC lifestyle to sipping martinis in Montreal parks.
This American Model Spending Quarantine In MTL Turns Every Street Into Her Runway (PHOTOS)

While most of us have been looking rather drab during quarantine, one famous singer, songwriter, actor, and model, has been in our city showing us all up. Spotted all around Montreal looking as though she just walked off a runway during Paris Fashion Week, Caroline Vreeland is the epitome of elegance.

While speaking with MTL Blog, Vreeland told us that the reason behind her move to Montreal was to come and be with her boyfriend — knowing that the borders would become a problem as the pandemic worsened. 

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And she was just in time, arriving 12 hours before they closed the Canada-U.S. borders.

Her boyfriend, Nico Munn Rico, is a Montreal local and one of the iconic faces behind Mural Festival.

The couple first met at a rave in Miami, and their love story brought Caroline to Montreal shortly afterwards — two months later to be exact.

Even though the pair haven't known each other for long, their lovey-dovey Instagram posts with one another make me believe they're in it for the long run.

Although Caroline spent the majority of her life in the U.S., her unique style and incredible talent manage to suit Montreal oh so well.

She even goes to grocery stores looking like a goddess!

(This picture was taken before it was mandatory to wear a mask indoors.)

Vreeland has shared stunning shots of her hanging out all over the Plateau, taking in the glory of the Botanical Garden, smoking outside L'Express in true Parisienne fashion, and enjoying some time at the glamours Hotel William Gray.

She's also ventured outside of the city to explore all that la belle province has to offer.

One thing is for sure, she's been properly embracing the Montreal lifestyle.

And by that, I mean eating good food and spending time sitting in the grass at one of the city's many parks.

"Coming to be with Nico, in Montreal, was the best decision I ever made," the singer told us.

"My lifestyle is so chaotic, three planes a week, running around and working constantly."

"Being here has allowed me to take a step back, fall deeply in love, start to love cooking and gardening," she continued.

We truly felt the 514 love when Vreeland told us, "At 32, I'm loving turning over this new leaf. I feel that I'm exactly where I need to be!"

So, if this article has you as obsessed with Caroline as we are, go ahead and listen to her new song Without You.

I mean seriously, is there anything this power woman can't do?

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