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Quebec Broke Its Record Today For The Highest One-Day Increase Of New COVID-19 Cases

The majority of outbreaks — 48.5% — are coming from workplace environments.
Quebec Broke Its Record Today For The Highest One-Day Increase Of New COVID-19 Cases

The province continues to shatter its coronavirus case records, reporting the highest single-day number of new cases since the start of the pandemic in Quebec earlier this year.

On November 14, Quebec reported that there were 1,448 new cases of COVID-19 on November 13, bringing its total number of cases to 122,643.

The province also recorded 25 new deaths, with four having occurred within the last 24 hours and 17 occurring between November 7 and 12. Four other COVID-19 deaths occurred at an unknown date.

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29% Of COVID-19 outbreaks in Quebec are coming from schools

However, Quebec reported that hospitalizations in the province remained stable on November 14 for the second consecutive day.

Three patients in the province's intensive care units recovered from the virus, for a current total of 82 patients being treated for COVID-19 in Quebec ICUs.

The previous daily record for COVID-19 cases in Quebec was on November 7, at 1,397 new cases.

The Quebec region with the highest reported number of new cases on November 14 was Montreal, at 341 new cases.

New data published by the province on its COVID-19 update page shows that almost 50% of the province's outbreaks are happening in workplaces, while 29% are happening in schools.

An outbreak is defined by at least two confirmed cases, in less than 14 days, that cannot be explained by a link outside the environment, CIUSSS told MTL Blog in September. 

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