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Dog Food Is Being Flown Into Northern Quebec To Save Stray Puppers In Need

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Dog Food Is Being Flown Into Northern Quebec To Save Stray Puppers In Need

With the COVID-19 situation further isolating some of Northern Quebec's First Nations communities, there are a whole lot of hungry dogs to feed due to a lack of pet food. 

In November, the Humane Society International/Canada (HSI/Canada), Friends of HSI (FHSI) and Chiots Nordiques partnered up to deliver 2,000 kilograms of food to feed stray dogs in some of the most remote First Nations communities in the province. 

500 kilos of dog food have been shipped every week.

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With the additional challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, animals are suffering due to malnutrition.

Humane Society International/Canada

The food is being flown to the Naskapi community of Kawawachikamach and the Innu community of Matimekosh, two small northern towns that border Labrador. 

Ewa Demianowicz, Senior Campaign Manager for HSI/Canada, said that "the COVID-19 crisis is impacting people and their companion animals throughout the country."

"This is especially true for remote First Nations communities, who struggle to access resources for their animals at the best of times."

HSI/Canada's "COVID-19 Animal Response Program" has delivered close to 20,000 kilos of pet food since April to a dozen First Nations communities in the province. 

HSI/Canada, FHSI and Chiots Nordiques also set up a free veterinary clinic in the Cree community of Chisasibi near James Bay in September 2020.

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