Here's How Quebecers Can Get 50% Off Domino's Pizza EVERY Monday

The discount we all needed right now.
Here's How Quebecers Can Get 50% Off Domino's Pizza EVERY Monday

Domino's Pizza has always known what we needed. With the cold of winter eating away at our soul, this glorious pizza chain has found a way to make our Monday blues a little less... blue.

What do we mean by that? Domino's is officially giving 50% off pizzas every Monday when you order online.

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Just be sure to use the code MON50P at checkout!

Domino's Pizza

This means the first day of the week never has to be the worst one again.

From lazy nights in front of the TV while keeping your bong company to comforting heartbroken singles with carbs, ordering Domino's is always a good idea. 

With this 50% off discount, you'll be able to either save money or get double the amount of pizzas, which sounds great either way.

Or, with all the money you'll be saving, you can add some chicken wings, french fries or even desserts to your order.

Part of winter is staying inside, especially on a Monday. And, if you ask me, warming your body up with a delicious warm pizza is a perfect remedy to any problem — especially when it's half price.

So, go ahead and allow Domino's to give you the gift of carbs while allowing you to start your week off on the right foot.

50% Off Domino's Pizza 

When: Every Monday

Address: Online orders only

Coupon code: MON50P

Why You Need To Go: Half-off pizza means you can buy two for the price of one — need we say more?

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