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Dua Lipa Is Coming To Montreal This Winter

The global superstar is finally touring the award-winning Future Nostalgia.

Dua Lipa Is Coming To Montreal This Winter

Global pop superstar Dua Lipa is coming to Montreal in February 2022 to absolutely rock the Bell Centre as part of the long-awaited tour for her Grammy-winning Future Nostalgia album.

Tickets for Dua Lipa's highly anticipated Montreal tour date will be on sale on September 17.

Dua Lipa will be accompanied by the up-and-coming Caroline Polachek and Lolo Zouaï.

"I'm so thrilled to tour again and see my angels in person! How amazing that we all get to dance and celebrate together once again," Dua Lipa said in an Evenko press release shared with MTL Blog.

This is Dua Lipa's first world tour since her smashing Future Nostalgia album shattered numerous Billboard 200 and streaming records for a female artist.

Dua Lipa will be at the Bell Centre on February 22, 2022.

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