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Fans Spotted Noah Centineo In Montreal

We may pass out.

Fans Spotted Noah Centineo In Montreal

Heartthrob actor Noah Centineo is in Montreal and multiple fans appear to have spotted him out and about the city.

Centineo may be best known for his role as Peter Kavinsky in the To All The Boys franchise. But he's apparently in Montreal to work on Netflix's forthcoming series Graymail, shooting in the city from October to February, according to ACTRA.

The actor posted a photo of a Graymail script on his Instagram story on October 18.

@ncentineo | Instagram

One Montrealer, Alyssa Kate Angeles, ran into Centineo at Montreal's Plaza Côte-des-Neiges on Saturday, October 16.

@akateangeles | Instagram

Other photos posted to TikTok and Instagram show Centineo walking down the street and in at least one Montreal bar.

MTL Blog is in the process of verifying those images.

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