Noah Centineo Has Been Taking Pics With Fans In Old Montreal & Was Spotted At 2 Restos

Yes, he even managed to get a pic in front of an orange cone...

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Noah Centineo Has Been Taking Pics With Fans In Old Montreal & Was Spotted At 2 Restos

OK, we're swooning. Actor Noah Centineo is in Montreal to apparently begin work on the forthcoming Netflix series Graymail. According to reports, he's been super down to snap pics with eager fans.

One Montrealer reported running into Centineo at the Plaza Côte-des-Neiges, but it seems the actor has taken a liking to Old Montreal. At least three people have come across him in the neighbourhood.


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18-year-old Cynthia Brax told MTL Blog that she and her sister encountered Centineo at the Tommy Café location on rue Saint-Paul.

She said they asked the actor for a photo after he inquired about places in the neighbourhood to buy film for his camera. He then stood with the two women while waiting for his coffee order.

"He was really, really sweet," Brax said.

A TikTok she later made using her photo with Centineo — with a very Montreal backdrop of curbside garbage and an orange cone — went viral, amassing over 23,000 likes.

The 25-year-old heartthrob also seems to have stuck around in the neighbourhood to grab a bite at Tiers Paysage.

Montrealer Mya Saint-Jean told Narcity and MTL Blog she saw Centineo on October 14 eating with a friend at the Old Montreal wine bar, where she was able to snap a pic with the actor.

Ariq Moyeed, 21, also ran into Centineo on the street near the Old Port on October 15.

"I just walked up to him and said, 'hi,' and he was really nice," Moyeed said in an Instagram message to MTL Blog. "I just asked him for a quick picture and he smiled and said, 'yes.'"

The production of Graymail is scheduled to wrap up in February 2022, according to ACTRA Montreal.

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