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Noah Centineo Shared A Bit Of What He's Done So Far In Montreal

Spot the construction in the background.

Noah Centineo Shared A Bit Of What He's Done So Far In Montreal

ICYMI: Noah Centineo is in Montreal (!) to begin work on the forthcoming Netflix CIA drama series Graymail.

Multiple fans have posted photos with the 25-year-old actor on the streets of the city, and some have even spotted him in Old Montreal's Tiers Paysage restaurant and Tommy Café. But now we've got the first update from Centineo, himself.

In a Monday Instagram post captioned, "thus far in Montreal," he shared a peek into his activity in the city — which has included attendance at a Montreal Canadiens game alongside reported Graymail producer Doug Liman.

Another pic in the Insta post shows Centineo in a car with Montreal's classic orange construction signs in the background.

He also appears to have snapped a photo of one of those glassy diamond works by artist Le Diamantaire.

Work on Graymail is scheduled to wrap up in February 2022.

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