We Answered All Your Questions About Reopening Gyms & Indoor Sports In Quebec Red Zones

Last week, Quebec's minister of education, Isabelle Charest, announced that indoor sports and fitness centres would be permitted to reopen in red zones — yes, gyms included — starting on March 26.

The government did not specify the logistics of how gyms would manage their respective reopenings, but we gathered the information that's available to answer your questions about the return of indoor sports and fitness across Quebec.

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What are the dates?

The new rules on fitness centres and sports in Quebec come into effect on March 26.

The exception is extracurricular activities in Quebec schools, which can resume in a "stable class group" as of March 15.

Can I work out without a mask on?

The government states that "participants must wear a mask or face covering that covers the mouth and nose when they enter indoor facilities" so you will have to wear it when you enter at the very least.

Generally speaking, public health rules include wearing masks in indoor spaces, maintaining a 2-metre distance from others and making sure gym machines are sanitized after use.

According to the Econofitness website, wearing a mask is mandatory in their gyms at all times except when using an Econofitness cardio machine.

If you're planning on taking an outdoor fitness class when the weather warms up, you are encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask — and you should maintain 2-metre distancing.

Will I have to make appointments to go to the gym?

It depends on your fitness centre of choice. Econofitness requires its members to make appointments ahead of going to the gym.

Nautilus Plus, however, will not require its members to make appointments at newly reopened centres in Quebec red zones.

Is the gym considered 'essential' and exempt from the curfew?

No. Gyms and other fitness centres are not considered essential by the Quebec government.

You can view the full list of curfew exemptions in Quebec red zones here.

How many people can work out at the same time?

All gyms and training centres, as well as indoor sports complexes, will have limited entry during their reopenings in Quebec red zones.

While the government has not publicly specified the exact number of Quebecers permitted in gyms at one time, we know that it depends on the square footage of the facility in order to ensure adequate social distancing.

You'll only be allowed to train alone or in pairs in an indoor fitness centre in Quebec as of March 26, or with members of your household — meaning "you can’t work out as a group or get together to chat with your friends," according to Econofitness.

Outdoor classes can be held with up to eight people in red zones.

What safety measures do gyms have to follow?

All gyms will be required to keep a registry of every client that comes through, Quebec education minister Isabelle Charest confirmed on March 12.

Machines will most likely have to be sanitized by users after every use, and masks will have to be worn indoors.

Gyms will also be required to rearrange their machines to allow for 2-metre social distancing.

All organized indoor sports activities need to have a designated "supervisor" who makes sure public health regulations are being followed.

What about gym memberships?

Some gyms froze memberships in 2020 when the province announced that fitness centres would be closing in Quebec red zones.

Others offered to retroactively offer free membership months whenever gyms reopened while members continued to pay their usual fees.

If you have questions about your gym membership or new memberships, you should contact your gym of choice to find out more information.