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Finally Some Good Construction News: Montreal's Turcot Interchange Is Finally Finishing Up

The last major structures are now open to traffic.
Finally Some Good Construction News: Montreal's Turcot Interchange Is Finally Finishing Up

For years, Montreal drivers have absolutely dreaded driving on the Turcot Interchange but there's finally some good news. 

After five long, gruelling construction-filled years, the last major part of Montreal's Turcot Interchange is now open.

Transport Minister François Bonnardel and Minister Responsible for Montreal Chantal Rouleau, announced the (near) completion of the project on October 19.

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The Turcot project is [...] the demonstration of Quebec engineering know-how.

François Bonnardel, Quebec Minister of Transport

While some finishing touches will be added next spring, including continued work to plant "9,000 trees and 61,000 shrubs, perennials, grasses and climbing plants," the major sections of the project are open to traffic. 

The reserved lanes on Autoroute 20 and Route 136 are still closed, however, but should be reopened in the coming months.

"If we have succeeded in achieving quality infrastructure, on time and on budget, it's thanks to the expertise of the personnel of the Ministry of Transport and KPH Turcot, to the participation of hundreds of workers, to the collaboration of partners, and, above all, to the support of citizens," said Bonnardel in a press release. 

"Thanks to the dedication, thoroughness and professionalism of our experts and workers, today we can be proud of what has been accomplished," said Rouleau. 

"Thank you to the citizens of the metropolitan region for your patience over the past few years."

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