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Foodgod Has Created His Own Truffle Ketchup & You Can Find It At 1 Montreal Spot Only

I wonder if they'll be eating it on Keeping Up with the Kardashians...
Foodgod Has Created His Own Truffle Ketchup & You Can Find It At 1 Montreal Spot Only

It seems as if there's always something new to try when it comes to food. From decadent desserts to mouth-watering bring your own wine spots, our city has got every angle covered, even condiments. For those of you who know Jonathan Cheban, aka Foodgod, aka Kim Kardashian's bestie, you surely know that he's always at the forefront of any epic food trend.

It only makes sense that he's finally started his own food product line. 

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His first product is truffle ketchup, which is currently set to be sold in Montreal exclusively at Abe & Mary's.

Abe & Mary's is known for not only the trendy decor, delicious salads, tasty wraps, soups, and catering, but also for its cool boutique that sells some of the hottest swag in the city.

And, now they will be adding the hottest new condiment on the market at both locations and online.

Those who are interested can reserve a bottle of the ketchup via social media accounts or on the website.

Quantities are limited so reserving is recommended for anyone looking to dip their french fries in this truffle goodness.

The ketchup is USDA organic and OU approved, plus it's gluten-free.

This creation is made up of organic tomato ketchup, organic white truffle dust and organic white truffle flavoured extra virgin olive oil.

The product is also low in sugar, which is oh-so-Hollywood but also makes for a carefree way to munch on a whole plate of fries.

Foodgod | Instagram

The bottle of high-end, exclusive tomato goodness will cost you $23.95, which may seem high for ketchup, but it's rather low for a truffle product.

So, I suppose it evens out.

Not only is the taste unique but the bottle itself is a cool conversation starter and definitely not your average Heinz Ketchup bottle.

Foodgod | Instagram

Now we're left wondering when we'll get to see this tasty product be added to a plate on Keeping Up with the Kardashians...

Foodgod Truffle Ketchup At Abe & Mary's

Price: $23.95 for a bottle

When: Pre-orders are available now and should be available in stores by Friday, September 11.

Address: 2346, rue Lucerne, Mount Royal, QC & 2125, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC; Abe & Mary's

Why You Need To Go: To be one of the first to try this revolutionary ketchup!