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Gas Prices In Montreal Are Finally Dropping & Here's Where It's Cheapest

When demand falls, so do costs.

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​Someone pays by card at a gas station in Quebec.

Someone pays by card at a gas station in Quebec.

Gas prices in Montreal are finally down, posting the cheapest rates since the start of November. Stations are charging an average of $1.69/litre of unleaded on the island after lingering around $1.79/litre last week. Meanwhile, pump prices in Longueuil are even lower around $1.68/litre.

The Greater Montreal Area is showing around a nine-cent drop in just seven days, according to price monitor Gas Buddy.

One analyst noted that demand for gasoline is seasonal and when it goes down, rates reduce.

"Gasoline demand falls in the fall and prices fall too… just like they spring up in the spring when gasoline demand jumps, so do prices," tweeted Gas Buddy's Patrick De Haan.

National rates have taken a similar downturn hitting an average of $1.61/litre.

The one-month average price of gas in Montreal versus Canada.The one-month average price of gas in Montreal versus Canada.Courtesy of Gas Buddy.

CAA-Quebec recommends that Montreal, Laval and Longueuil drivers fill up today, while rates remain favourable. Those in Montérégie should probably hold off until prices fall a few cents.

Here are the top spots in the greater Montreal area where you can fill up for less:

  1. Harnois, QC-132, Kahnawake, QC
  2. Petroles Maurice, 8855 ch de Chambly, St-Hubert, QC
  3. Costco, 9403, boul. des Sciences, Anjou, QC
  4. First Choice/Premier Choix, 2100 QC-138, Kahnawake, QC
  5. Petro-Canada, 2510, rue de Salaberry, Montreal, QC
  6. Canadian Tire, 4909, boul. Taschereau, Greenfield Park, QC
  7. Ultramar in Saint-Laurent (8300 Route Transcanadienne)
  8. Esso in Montréal (6500, ch. de la Côte Saint-Luc)
  9. Couche-Tard in Longueuil (2780, boul. Roland-Therrien)
  10. Canadian Tire in Laval (574, boul. Curé-Labelle)
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