Halle Berry's Fave Montreal Hot Wings Spot Is Naming A Sauce After Her & Wants Your Help

Cunningham's Pub in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue has been getting a lot of hype lately after superstar Halle Berry called its hot wings "some of the best ... I've ever tasted in my whole life."

To thank Berry, Cunningham's announced that it's naming a new wing sauce after her — and the pub is asking for your help deciding on the best name. 

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1️⃣ Berry Hot
2️⃣ Halle’s Hot
3️⃣ Halle Lujah

Cunningham's Pub

"We are blessed from this shout out and the support from all of you! We want to dedicate our new hot sauce name to one of the following," Cunningham's posted on Instagram. 

There are three possible options for names.

They are "Berry Hot," "Halle's Hot" or "Halle Luja." 

In the post, Cunningham's asks followers to vote by choosing their preferred name and writing it in the comments.

Cunningham's Pub says that in addition to choosing a name based on the comments, the staff will also choose one commenter to win a $25 gift certificate. 

What do you think the name should be?