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I Saw A CF Montréal Game At Saputo Stadium & Here's Why You Should Too

Montreal, allez, allez!

I Saw A CF Montréal Game At Saputo Stadium & Here's Why You Should Too

At around 23 minutes into the game, CF Montréal midfielder Djordje Mihailovic lined up for a free kick on the edge of the box. All at once, the capacity crowd at Saputo Stadium held their breath as Mihailovic began his movement.

He laced a fast, low shot that skimmed its way through the wall but was deftly saved by the Toronto goalkeeper. CF Montréal captain Samuel Piette pounced on the rebound and made no mistake.

The crowd erupted and popped blue smoke, chanting their captain's name and celebrating his first-ever goal at Saputo Stadium.

Live sports — I've missed you.

Highlights – MTL vs. TOR

Highlights - MTL v

On Friday, August 27, CF Montréal faced Toronto FC at Saputo Stadium. This was the first 401 Derby contested at Saputo Stadium in over a year and the excitement was palpable.

I was at the game and I gotta say, it was an unforgettable experience.

Teddy Elliot | MTL Blog

Right from kickoff, CF Montréal fans were in fine form, chanting derision at Toronto FC players and making a whole lot of noise.

From holding up scarves proclaiming "F*** Toronto!" to launching firecrackers whenever CF Montréal scored a goal, the supporters are passionate and ravenous. And Montreal scored three goals, so you can imagine the racket.

It would be fair to say that Toronto FC had a very poor game despite scoring one goal and you could feel the flow of the game was affected by how badly they played.

The second half was marred by a stop-start nature despite the fact that Montreal was able to score two goals.

Montreal crashed into the Toronto defence in waves, controlling 60% of the possession and peppering the keeper with 19 shots.

It made for a fun viewing if you were for CF Montréal. I thought to myself, "How nice it is to see a Montreal team win for a change!"

Teddy Elliot | MTL Blog

If I could give Mr. Saputo one piece of unsolicited advice, however, it would be to fix those hot dogs. I was personally victimized by how bad they were.

If you avoid those, you're in for a fantastic experience.

CF Montréal is back in action on September 11 for a clash against Nashville SC.

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