Jeff Petry Had Terrifyingly Bloodshot Eyes Last Night & Naturally, Became An Instant Meme

His wife took to Instagram to explain the red eyes.
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Jeff Petry's Bloodshot Eyes Became An Instant Meme

The news of the day might be the Montreal Canadiens' victory over the Vegas Golden Knights on Wednesday night, but all eyes were on Jeff Petry.

Following a time out due to an injury, Petry returned to the rink for game two of the series sporting a new look: crimson bloodshot eyes.

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Naturally, this shot of the defenceman's face became an instant meme.

The haunting stare left some Twitter users wondering whether Petry's time away was spent training to become a Sith lord or conjuring the devil.

Or perhaps it was something a little more mundane...

His wife Julie Petry eventually took to her Instagram story to explain what was happening.

"No, it's not allergies. No, it's not after a couple nights in Vegas. No, it's not bloodshot because he's tired. No, they don't hurt or bother him," she wrote.

"All this related to his 'upper body injury,' but let me tell you he looks a LOT better than he did a week ago."

Julie Petry also participated in the social media fun, sharing some of her favourite memes of her husband.

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