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There's A New Website Just For Foreign Workers Trying To Find A Job In Montreal

Dream of settling in Montreal?
Jobs In Montreal For Foreign Workers Are Listed On A New Site

If you dream of moving to Canada from abroad and are looking for jobs in Montreal, a new website developed by Montréal International and the Desjardins Group could help you.

The website, Talent Montréal, is designed to help local companies reach skilled workers around the world, "particularly from Europe, Latin America, North Africa, and the United States," according to a press release.

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258 job postings for foreign workers

At the time of writing, there are 258 job postings for skilled workers listed on the website, ranging from aerospace to video game design. 

Talent Montréal has also published a variety of guides for prospective Montrealers, with tips on how to find housing in Montreal and information on the city's best festivals.

According to the press release, 10,000 workers have already registered on the site, which also works to match them with employers through an algorithm that "pre-selects compatible candidates, allowing recruiters to easily find talent with the right skills."

"We developed an effective new tool to help companies in Greater Montréal with their ongoing recruitment efforts," Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO of Montréal
International, said of the new site.

"It is an integral part of a new website that also presents key attraction factors of the city to top talent around the world."

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