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Quebec Is Going To Close Non-Essential Stores

They'll be closed from December 25 to January 11.
Legault Announced A Closure Of Non-Essential Stores In Quebec

In a press conference on December 15, Premier François Legault announced new restrictions for businesses and workers, including a closure of non-essential retail stores in Quebec between December 25 and January 11.

The closures will affect all shops except for grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, pet stores and garages in Quebec, he said.

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We think that these measures will give us every chance to protect our hospitals and our health workers. 

Premier François Legault

"Personal services" like hair salons will also be closed during the same two-week period.

"Big stores like Walmart and Costco also won't be able to sell non-essential products," the premier added — a move he called "a matter of equity for small businesses."

In addition, Legault said, "it will be mandatory to work from home for office workers from December 17 to January 11, except for jobs where attendance is essential."

"We are in the last stretch. We'll have a great 2021 Christmas," Legault said. 

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