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Legault Got So Fired Up About Bringing Family Into Politics He Swore On Camera

The premier gave an impassioned condemnation of remarks from the PQ leader.
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Legault Got So Fired Up About Bringing Family Into Politics He Swore On Camera

After Parti Québécois leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon suggested that Premier François Legault and his family broke public health rules, the premier fired back in an impassioned condemnation of the remarks on Thursday.

The usually reserved Legault even swore to underline his call in English for politicians to leave families out of the discussion.

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I don't know why Mr. Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon is bringing my children into a dispute.

François Legault

"I think that all politicians have to be careful with families," he said.

"I think it's so tough for our children when their father is hurt about some comments. S***! please don't get the children involved."

"François Legault doing snowboard in his backyard, by the way, with his children in the backyard... is a violation of Public Health rules because they're not living in the same household," Saint-Pierre Plamondon said on Wednesday.

He was referring to a photo on Instagram of the premier sliding down a makeshift snow ramp.

After critics pointed out that Legault's sons live with him, Saint-Pierre Plamondon later took to Twitter to "withdraw" his statement.

The PQ leader also accused Legault of staging the photo, referring to "several contracts that are given to publicists who are imagining ways of bringing the message of the Government."

Legault denied that any publicists were involved in the creation of the photo.

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