Legault Is Warning All Quebecers To Follow The Health Rules & Not Cause More Outbreaks

He criticized Quebecers for "relaxing" their discipline.
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Legault Is Warning All Quebecers To Follow The Health Rules & Not Cause More Outbreaks

Premier François Legault is reiterating his warning to all Quebecers to follow the health rules and not cause more outbreaks. After noticing a decrease during the summer months, Legault explained that for the past two weeks, health experts have observed an increase in the number of new positive COVID-19 cases in Quebec. While there's no "unique cause," said Legault, health experts deduced that many factors have contributed to this increase in new cases. 

"Some sporting activities brought outbreaks, some enterprises had outbreaks, there was a marriage that caused an outbreak — as you see, there are several reasons for outbreaks in our community," said Legault. 

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Luckily, these localized outbreaks amongst the youth haven't resulted in an increase in deaths or hospitalizations, according to the premier. 

"A larger number of these new cases are coming from young people," highlighted Legault. "Young people are less at risk of grave complications, but we can't eliminate the possibility that [...] young people could infect more vulnerable people." 

If the message seems familiar, it's because the CAQ and public health authorities have made this point to young people time and time again during the pandemic. 

As there are still instances of the police having to break up large gatherings, public health authorities have once again been forced to implore young people to follow the rules. 

One important point that was brought up by Legault was that these new cases are coming from all across Quebec, not just Montreal. 

"There are new cases in almost every region of Quebec," explained Legault.

"So I think the conclusion here is that there has been a general relaxation in Quebec.

"People [...] want to get back to normal," he said, "but we need to do this gradually." 

What's clear is that the government doesn't want a second wave to happen. 

Legault stressed that he absolutely doesn't want these localized outbreaks to increase to the heights that they reached in March, April, and May.

He implored the public: "I ask you to keep your distance, to wash your hands, and to wear a mask in closed places and I ask you to avoid private gatherings of more than 10 people," stressed Legault. 

With schools reopening, businesses in full swing, and the approaching winter all flirting with the potential of a second wave, Quebecers need to be on alert. 

"The next few weeks will be critical [...] we need to get back to the discipline we had in the spring," he concluded. 

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