Legault Promised 'New Rules For Malls & Big Stores' During The Holiday Season In Quebec

He also asked Quebecers to do their shopping "as quickly as possible" inside stores.
Legault Said New Shopping Mall Rules Are Coming For The Holiday Season In Quebec

In a press conference on December 1, Premier François Legault warned residents that "if hospitalisations continue to increase" it would be "difficult" to "risk" family gatherings this holiday season in Quebec.

The government will share its official decision on gatherings by December 11, but it's already planning tighter restrictions in other areas.

As the shopping season reaches its peak, Legault promised "new rules for malls and big stores in the coming days."

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To clients: be careful. You need to keep your two metres [apart and] wear a mask, in the store as well as outside. 

Premier François Legault

He offered some words of caution.

"I know that there are a lot of people doing Christmas shopping these days," he said. "I know its important for our economy."

Legault encouraged Quebecers to do their "shopping as quickly as possible" inside stores and advised them to know what they want to purchase before arriving.

He also reminded Quebecers to wear a mask both in and out of stores, as well as maintain two-metre social distancing.

"We're not there to talk to our neighbour [that] we haven't seen for two months," he said.

Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault is expected to announce the new shopping rules in Quebec on December 2.