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Mile End Eatery 'Larrys' Is Ditching Tips & Raising Servers' Wages

Menu prices will go up, but the restaurant says it'll end up costing you the same.
Mile End Eatery 'Larrys' Is Ditching Tips & Raising Servers' Wages

Mile End eatery Larrys is ditching the tipping system when it reopens on June 7 and raising staff wages instead, according to an Instagram post on June 2. 

The post says staff wages should not depend on the generosity of customers or on the decision of customers to return to the restaurant after its COVID-19 closure.

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"The people that serve you are professionals and we think it's about time that they're paid like professionals by their employer (us) rather than our customers (hopefully you!)," the post reads.

"We're excited to be part of a movement [...]. We're hearing about restaurants looking into offering health insurance for their staff, increasing wages across the board, [and] stamping out toxic macho chef culture."

The Montreal restaurant's post says menu prices will be slightly higher to make up for higher wages but reminds patrons to "remember how you don't have to tip now."

The June 7 reopening menu will include oysters, natural wine and cocktails, according to the Instagram post.