Bars In Montreal That Sadly Closed Their Doors Forever In 2020

Cheers to the memories! 🍻
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Bars In Montreal That Sadly Closed Their Doors Forever In 2020

If there's one thing Montrealers love, it's a 5 à 7. That's why nothing pains us more than to see some of our favourite Montreal bars close their doors for good.

It's no secret that the lockdowns have been tough on all businesses, but bars and restaurants have had it incredibly tough.

But while some of our go-to spots have said their final goodbyes, we'll always have the good times.

Drinks after work, birthdays, anniversaries, or just catching up with old friends.

Whatever it was, they were part of what made Montreal so great and will always be in our fondest memories.

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What we'll miss the most: The boho-chic vibes and go-to place to hang out with friends. Its current building is being torn down, but luckily, the owners are looking for a new venue — so there's still hope.*


La Vitrola

What we'll miss the most: The flair and fun from one of the best music venues in the entire city.


House of Jazz

What we'll miss the most: Not only were the drinks amazing, but it was, of course, a fantastic place to hear some live jazz.


Balsam Inn

What we'll miss the most: The super cozy spot that made for the perfect 5 à 7 or the perfect place to watch the game.


Snack N' Blues

What we'll miss the most: One of Montreal's coolest dive bars that made for a great spot for some snacks and, you guessed it, blues. The bar's fate is currently up in the air since its owner passed away in 2019; the location is listed for sale.*



What we'll miss the most: It was always one of the best spots in Old Montreal for listening to Montreal's up and coming bands and for an unforgettable night every time you went.


* This article has been updated.

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