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Montreal Borough Strikes Deal With Notre-Dame Merchants To Avoid Terrasse Season Disaster

Notre-Dame will get a street fair as part of the compromise.

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Burgundy Lion Pub's terrasse on rue Notre-Dame.

Burgundy Lion Pub's terrasse on rue Notre-Dame.

The City of Montreal and Little Burgundy merchants have reached a compromise after a poorly timed construction project threatened to derail terrasse season on rue Notre-Dame, says Toby Lyle, co-owner of the Burgundy Lion pub.

In a statement released Wednesday, Lyle said the city will be fast-tracking the major water pipe rehabilitation program on rue Notre-Dame Ouest between Vinet and Charlevoix.

"Communication works! With many thanks to Benoit Dorais and his team, especially Julie Belanger, we have come to a compromise that minimizes the impact on Notre-Dame merchants while addressing the necessary aqueduct work," Toby shared on his Facebook page.

Lyle stated there was quite a lot of back and forth regarding the hot topic but that better days are ahead.

"Mayor Dorais has informed us that although the work will be starting on April 10 as scheduled, it will be on a very tight calendar and will be wrapped up by June 13, instead of July 1," reads the statement.

Plus, Notre-Dame will be getting a street fair this summer as part of the deal, "something we've wanted to do for 14 years," continues the statement.

"I've spoken with Joe Beef - Liverpool House, Pizzeria Geppetto Notre-Dame, September Surf Cafe and beige and we all agree that this is the best solution to a necessary evil."

In a message to MTL Blog, Lyle said "We’re just happy the work is getting done with minimal impact. As for the street fest I’m going to consult with other merchants to see what date works best for all of us. And then we’ll see with the city when we can do it."

MTL Blog has contacted Dorais and the City of Montreal for additional comment, but has not yet received a response.

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