Montreal Kids & Teens Have Seen The Most COVID-19 Cases Per 100,000 In The Past 2 Weeks

New data updated by Santé Montreal on October 29 breaks down the city's recent COVID-19 cases by age group, sex and borough. 

While Quebecers aged 20 to 29 make up the largest proportion of cases in the province, cases in Montreal youth aged 10 to 19 have been notably high for the past couple of weeks.

The 10 to 19 age group has seen the highest rate of cases per 100,000 people in the last 14 days when compared to other age groups, at 289 cases.

Comparatively, the age group with the second-highest rate of cases per 100,000 people in the last 14 days was those aged 20 to 29, at 187.4 cases.

The average rate of cases by age group per 100,000 people is currently 156.98 cases.

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3,044 cases in Montrealers aged 10-19 since the start of the pandemic

Among those aged 10 to 19, the city has seen 575 cases in the last 14 days, between October 16 and 29. Those aged 20 to 29 saw 610 cases in the last two weeks. 

Overall, Montreal has seen 42,171 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic.

New cases recently plateaued in Montreal at an average of around 250 per day, confirmed Dr. Mylène Drouin, the city's public health director.

The city has had 3,527 deaths since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which amounts to approximately 8.4% of total cases.

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