The Escape Room Scene In Montreal Is Epic — Try These Top-Rated Spots First

For seasoned escapees and nerdy novices alike.

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People explore a laboratory-themed room at A/Maze in Montreal.

People explore a laboratory-themed room at A/Maze in Montreal.

Courtesy of A/Maze

You could lose yourself just as easily in a Montreal IKEA, but if you’re up for something a little more entertaining, you'll want to check out these top-rated local escape rooms.

The rankings consulted for this list come primarily from the Top Escape Rooms Project: Enthusiasts’ Choice Awards (TERPECA), a project that ranks escape rooms according to votes from fans who have tried at least 50 rooms each. Also referenced was the escapedia aggregator that ranks escape rooms in Canada with a helpful bias towards rooms in Quebec. In other words, we’re trusting the world’s top escape room super-nerds to guide us on our journey. Let’s go!

The Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen

First up is a room from storied company Escaparium, which has multiple locations across the island and is ranked the 18th best escape game company in the world by TERPECA. The challenge in question, called The Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen, is the 25th best escape room in the country according to TERPECA, and it’s right nearby in Laval. A 75-minute adventure best suited for four to eight people, this room invites you into a world in which you and your friends search for the titular island, in order to find the Voodoo Queen’s hidden knowledge. Rated three out of four on Escaparium’s difficulty scale, this room is a safe bet for experienced adventurers.

Price: $44.99 per person

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Opus Luminum

Next is a room called Opus Luminum, from the team at EZKAPAZ, located in the Plateau near Café Santropol. Ranking in the top 30 on escapedia, this challenging room puts you and your teammates in the middle of a plot to destroy the world – to save humanity, you must find a powerful idol in less than 60 minutes.

With a difficulty rating of 93% and a success rate of less than 30%, this room poses a special challenge that only the bravest of souls are ready for. For an easier first time, try the Cadavera Case at the same location. It’s recommended for beginners, and hosts between four and six people.

Price: $29.99 per person

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The Grand Immersia Hotel

For the discerning eye, consider The Grand Immersia Hotel from Immersia, located in Boisbriand – a bit of a trek from downtown, but worth it! This room comes recommended by the team at EZKAPAZ, and it’s currently topping escapedia’s best in the country list.

Suitable for beginners and experts alike, this game puts you at opening night for a beautiful new hotel – and it’s up to you to make sure it all goes off without a hitch. This room is especially unique in that it features a remote option for those who aren’t able or comfortable attending an in-person escape room.

Price: $32.99 for adults, $28.99 for children 8-15

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If you’d rather not travel outside the centre-ville, head over to Nightfall from Vortex Plateau, conveniently only a few blocks from EZKAPAZ. In this eerie story, your team is tasked with escaping from the semi-abandoned cabin of a mad scientist – whose creations may or may not be coming for you. This room is suitable for two to six players and not recommended for children under eight. Note that this escape room contains flashing visual effects, so plan accordingly.

Price: $30 per person

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The President's Bunker

The President's Bunker from Évadez-Vous Jeu d'Évasion is a 60-minute game for two to six players. This room gives you and your team the job of saving the President – before it’s too late. To succeed where the previous team failed, you’ll need to find the President before your hour is up. With a nine out of ten difficulty rating, this popular choice is certainly no walk in the park, but with a 4.3 on escapedia, it’s more than likely worth a shot.

Price: $31.99 per person

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The Submarine

Another Montreal favourite is The Submarine from A/Maze Plateau, a dip into the world of Jules Verne – your ship has been struck by a mysterious metal machine, enormous and maybe even alive. With a 48% success rate – higher than some of the tougher rooms on this list – this hour-long deep sea adventure has a 4.3 rating on escapedia.

A/Maze lists this room as requiring 5% use of logic and 40% element manipulation, so prepare to use your hands a lot more than your brain. It also promises 100% underwater beasts, so maybe bring your harpoon gun just to be on the safe side (please don’t actually bring a weapon).

Price: Between $30 and $40 per person, depending on the size of your group (bigger = cheaper!)

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Haunted Pirate Ship

Last but certainly not least, Haunted Pirate Ship from Find The Key is a room inspired by the real exploits of famed French pirate Olivier Lavasseur, also known as “La Buse” (the buzzard). According to this game’s story, you and the squad will be searching for a valuable, allegedly cursed, lost necklace that once belonged to La Buse. This 45-minute game is good for groups of three to eight people and has a difficulty rating of four out of five on Find The Key’s website. Enter the ghostly ship, if you dare!

Price: $25 per person ($3 discount available for students)

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