Montreal Parks Were Linked To 9 Recent COVID-19 Outbreaks

Dr. Drouin warned Montrealers to continue to follow health rules.
Montreal Parks Were Linked To 9 Recent COVID-19 Outbreaks

At a press conference on Wednesday, Dr. Mylène Drouin, Montreal's public health director, gave an overview of the current health situation in the city. While things are improving, she said, there are still "more than" 216 total active outbreaks in Montreal, with nine connected to parks, though the region's public health authority later said these outbreaks are small. 

"What we are seeing is a small increase in the number of outbreaks in the community and this is what we are expecting in the next couple of weeks because we are reopening those sectors," explained Drouin.

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As more Montrealers gather at parks during the summer, Drouin warned residents to "not share food or other material that can contribute to the transmission" even if "there is less risk outside."

"Even if you have one dose of vaccine, you are not fully immune, so it is important to maintain [health] measures."

As for the other outbreaks, Drouin explained that "we are seeing a [decrease] in the number outbreaks in workplaces [with] 84. For schools: 64 outbreaks; daycare centres: 26; and only 12 in the health care settings."

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