Montreal Now Has A COVID-19 Victim Memorial In The Sud-Ouest

"It's a community-driven project."

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Residence Yvon-Brunet in Montreal's Sud-Ouest borough.

Residence Yvon-Brunet in Montreal's Sud-Ouest borough.

March 11 marks the second annual national day of remembrance for victims of COVID-19. As COVID rates thankfully continue to go down in Montreal and restrictions are loosened, a new memorial has been built in Montreal's Sud-Ouest borough in honour of those lost during the pandemic.

"It really is a citizen-driven initiative," said City Councillor Alain Vaillancourt from the memorial's unveiling. "It's a community-driven project in front of the Residence Yvon-Brunet."

The placement of the memorial was very intentional. The Yvon-Brunet senior's residence was one of the homes worst hit by the pandemic. During the first wave alone, 73 residents died of COVID-19. The surviving residents wish to commemorate those who fell victim to the virus, and the plan to create a nearby memorial was put in motion.

The Yvon-Brunet senior's residence is providing the memorial, while the city is providing the space and helping with the installation. The memorial consists of four benches and a small commemorative plaque within view of the Yvon-Brunet. The space is meant to encourage quiet reflection on the effects of the pandemic.

"The pandemic will remain engraved in our history and will leave a significant scar in our lives," said Borough Mayor Benoit Dorais in a recent release. "This place of contemplation that we want to quickly inaugurate is intended to be a source of calm for relatives, friends and caregivers."

Members of the community met at Angrignon metro station on Friday and walked together to the memorial, where a minute of silence was observed. Flags at the Sud-Ouest borough hall and at Montreal City Hall were lowered to half-mast to mark the occasion.

Jenna Pearl
Contributing Writer
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