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'Most' Quebec COVID-19 Rules Will Be Lifted On Saturday — Here's What's Changing

It will be two years minus ONE DAY since Quebec first declared a health emergency.

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Quebec banner reading "ça va bien aller" on a fence.

Quebec banner reading "ça va bien aller" on a fence.

March 12 is the date when, in the words of Premier François Legault, Quebecers will begin to see a "more normal life." Most Quebec COVID-19 measures are set to change or cease on Saturday, including the vaccine passport.

The change will come almost exactly two years after Quebec first took steps to address the pandemic. The first provincial health emergency declaration was on March 13, 2020.

As of March 12, 2022, there will be no more capacity limits in public spaces across the province. Restaurants, bars, taverns and casinos won't have to limit table party sizes or stick to extra-restricted opening hours. Clubs will once again come alive with the sound of dancing and karaoke, which have been banned since December 20.

There won't be capacity limits on social events in social halls or rooms, either.

The registration of visitors to private seniors' residences will end too.

Finally, after more than six months, Quebec will suspend its vaccine passport. The measure has limited access to many non-essential activities and services, including restaurants and, for a time, even the SAQ and SQDC, to fully vaccinated customers.

Federal authorities will still require proof of vaccination in some cases, notably for international travel.

These latest measure relaxations were originally scheduled for Monday, March 14, but the government moved them up in light of improving COVID-19 case and hospitalization numbers.

In a press release, Health Minister Christian Dubé called the March 12 changes a "significant step." He asked Quebecers to remain cautious, however, as they "learn to live with the virus."

In addition to the lifting of measures in March, Quebec also plans to begin removing mask mandates by mid-April.

Interim National Public Health Director Dr. Luc Boileau has also raised the possibility of moving up other rule changes.

"Other relaxation measures should come soon," he said at a press conference on March 10.

"The global portrait is improving. If it continues to improve, we should be able to recommend to the government that [...] other measures are dropped."

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    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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