Police Showed Up To A $2 Taco Sale At A New Montreal Restaurant To Disperse Huge Crowds

The restaurant was forced to close for a period while police controlled the crowds.
Police Showed Up To A $2 Taco Sale At A New Montreal Restaurant To Disperse Huge Crowds
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A taco restaurant in Montreal had its grand opening on Saturday, attracting crowds of young customers — as well as the police.

Earlier in the week, Mont Tacos on Rue Saint-Denis ramped up a social media campaign to market a $2 taco promotion for its opening, which began at 1:00 p.m. on November 14.

Social media posts also show the restaurant urging Montrealers to show up at their restaurant for its grand opening, captioning: "IT’S GOING TO BE CRAZY 🧨🧨🧨."

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The restaurant closed temporarily until the situation could be under control.

A spokesperson for the SPVM on Mont-Tacos' grand opening

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During the opening, the restaurant posted images of social distancing signs on the ground outside, but the same images showed customers arriving in swarms early in the day. 

As of 4 p.m., the restaurant posted an Instagram story that captures the police presence.

A spokesperson for the SPVM told MTL Blog that the restaurant was forced to close temporarily during the opening to allow police to disperse the crowds.

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The SPVM spokesperson said no fines were issued for violating Quebec's COVID-19 public health protocols.

New Instagram stories posted by the restaurant after 4 p.m. show customers following two-metre social distancing protocols, waiting in single-file lines for tacos outside the doors.

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Mehdi Ouchene, one of the owners of Mont Tacos on Saint-Denis, told MTL Blog he was not expecting such a big turnout.

He said the goal was 100 customers rather than the 5-600 who showed up.

"We were ready to welcome everybody safe and sound," he said. "We did not give [out] any tacos until [...] the line was respected."*

*This article has been updated.