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These Montreal Poutines Are Winning La Poutine Week RN & You Have 3 More Days To Try Them

Get 'em while they're hot! 🤤

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These Montreal Poutines Are Winning La Poutine Week RN & You Have 3 More Days To Try Them

Looking for something to do this weekend that has nothing to do with Valentine's Day? For those of you whose first love is food, La Poutine Week 2022 is here to save you — and there are currently three Montreal poutines on the leaderboard that you'll probably want to try before it's too late.

While the festival is ongoing, which means people are still voting in real-time and the final winners have yet to be secured, it's not surprising that, as of Friday afternoon, the top five poutines in Canada were all based in Quebec.

The top three Montreal poutines are Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine's "The Urban poutine," Maamm Bolduc's "Bolduc PBJ" and La Belle Tonki's "Sate Drip Poutine."

The Urban poutine, which costs $20, is the most classic but buffalo sauce and smash burger sausages are an enticing twist. The restaurant describes the dish as, "our homemade fries, a double portion of squick squick cheese and our lightly Cajun-spiced brown sauce, all topped with Sugar Daddy Bacon smash burger sausages, grilled back bacon, caramelized onions and buffalo sauce."

For something more unusual — it's La Poutine Week, after all — the other two options both have unique elements.

The Bolduc PBJ is called PBJ due to the peanut butter sauce and bacon jelly it's topped with. It also has friends, cheese curds, gravy, deep-fried mac and cheese bites and the chef's special chilli oil. You can taste it for $16.50.

The Sate Drip Poutine, which is $16 is infused with La Belle Tonki's famous Asian comfort food flair: the restaurant's "That Drip Sauce," labneh, lime zest, pineapple chutney, basil, chilli pepper chips, popcorn chicken, fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

The festival is running until February 14 so you only have a few more days to taste these creations and rate them on the website. Eventually, a winner will be declared based on the votes.

The website shows you exactly how to order each poutine, including through DoorDash, UberEats, RestoLoco or by calling the restaurant directly.

Whether poutine is your one true love this V-Day or you're planning a poutine-filled date night, bon appétit!

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