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Poutine Week Has A Poutine Inspired By The Sunwing Influencers (Minus The Bad Taste)

You can try "Tulum's Influencers Birria Taco Poutine" in Montreal right now.

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Poutine Week Has A Poutine Inspired By The Sunwing Influencers (Minus The Bad Taste)

Just when you thought you'd heard everything you could ever want to know about the infamous Sunwing flight scandal, a delicious poutine named after the incident was born. As part of La Poutine Week 2022, La Bêtise Rosemont has created the "Tulum's Influencers Birria Taco Poutine" and you can taste it in Montreal right now.

"As part of Poutine Week, you can now try our Tulum Influencers Taco Birria Poutine," wrote La Bêtise Rosemont in an Instagram post. "One bite and you'll be whisked away to Mexico, of course without taking the Sunwing flight."

La Bêtise's yummy creation features homemade fries, cheese curds, braised beef, chorizo, red onion, tomatoes, coriander, spicy sauce and corn tortilla and is served with the restaurant's special poutine birria sauce.

In case you missed the birria taco trend, birria is a slow-cooked Mexican meat stew, typically made with goat, but also often made with lamb or beef so that's what inspired this sauce.

Just like all the Sunwing flight gossip, this dish looks hot and juicy — so if that's how you like your poutine, you can order the "Tulum's Influencers Birria Taco Poutine" for $18 through La Poutine Week's partners: DoorDash and RestoLoco.

Or you can order directly from the restaurant, which is located at 6015, rue Saint-Hubert.

Once you've devoured your meal (or snack — no judgment), you can head to La Poutine Week's website and rate the poutine. Participating poutines will be ranked and the winning poutines will be announced at the end of the foodie festival on February 14.

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