Montreal Weather Features A Snow Filled Friday — Rush Hour Could Be Messy AF

Ok... now who asked for more snow?!

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A snow plow drives down a snowy Montreal street

A snow plow drives down a snowy Montreal street

While the spring weather in 2022 is looking up, today certainly isn't as Montreal experiences more snowfall. Following the erratic weather in Montreal over the past couple of weeks, including fog and freezing rain, Montreal can expect up to 10 centimetres of snow today.

Environment Canada released a snowfall alert for Montreal, along with the Châteauguay-La Prairie area, Laval, and Longueuil regions. It will begin snowing in the morning and likely continue throughout the day.

We can blame the United States for this one (sort of). All of Southern Quebec is currently being affected by a low-pressure system over the central U.S., causing the snowfall. This will combine with winds coming from the northeast, so visibility will be low on the roads — good thing so many of us are working from home, right?

But seriously, try to avoid rush hour traffic today. In their weather alert, the Government of Canada recommends that you "consider modifying your travel plans."

Even if you dodge traffic today, the school run may still be unavoidable. The school boards in the region have not called a snow day, despite what we're sure some kids were hoping for.

Montreal can expect a chilly -12 C this morning, with temperatures dipping down to -15 C at night. The average maximum temperature for February 25 is -2.7 C and the average minimum temperature is -11.6 C — so it's a cold one today.

While snowfall is typical for the month of February, it's safe to say we're all a little fed-up. Stay safe out there Montreal!

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