Montreal Weather Will See A 22-Degree Swing This Week Because December Hates Us

Will Montreal weather ever make up its damn mind?

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Montreal Weather Will See A 22-Degree Swing This Week Because December Hates Us

If there's anything in this world that can't make up its mind, it's Montreal weather. It seems as though whenever we feel like we're finding a bit of consistency, we get thrown a curveball from our sweet lady Mother Nature.

And according to The Weather Network, this week will be no different. Between Thursday and Sunday, we're going to experience a 22-degree drop in temperature.

The Weather Network

When Thursday comes around, it's expected to be 12 C — the type of weather we haven't felt much of recently!

But then, there's going to be other times this week when going outside is the last damn thing you'll want to do. Like on Sunday, when it's predicted to feel like -10 C outside, which sounds a whole lot like hibernation weather to me.

As for the entire week at a glance, be prepared to take your rain boots out on Wednesday and Thursday.

And for all the snow lovers out there, this week is looking like an exciting time for y'all, with a light snowfall expected on Tuesday then some serious snow on Saturday, plus a little extra on Sunday.

This could just be the perfect weekend to start getting into all the different winter activities Montreal has to offer this season, like the beginning of Parc Jean-Drapeau's winter program, filled with sledding, skating, snowshoeing, and more.

Have you ever tried skiing on one of Quebec's iconic mountains? There's no better time than this weekend to test your skills.

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