Montreal Would Give A 'Baby Box' To Every Family With A Newborn Under Mayor Plante's Plan

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante and her party, Projet Montréal, are proposing a "welcome baby box" for every family with a newborn in the city.

In an Instagram post, the mayor said the box would include baby clothes, reusable diapers, books and a thermometer. A sample box also appears to include a small stuffed animal.

There would be "goodies" for parents too, Plante promised, like metro passes and tickets to an Espace pour la vie museum.

"For us, at Projet Montréal, families are extremely important, and we want to support them from the birth of a child," the mayor stated. "We also know that not all families have the same means."

"The BB Box is a nice little help that will be offered to all families, to start this wonderful adventure that is the birth of a child."

Finland has a similar baby box system that dates back to 1938, according to the BBC. Those boxes can also be used as baby beds.