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Montreal's Concordia University Is Offering A First-Of-Its-Kind Course On Kanye West

The professors says students can "sign up now."

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Kanye West pictured in 2009.

Kanye West pictured in 2009.

With his killer tracks, bids for the presidency, and larger-than-life sense of grandeur, it was only a matter of time before Kanye West was officially studied — and it's happening right here in Montreal.

Concordia is currently accepting students into this first-of-its-kind course. Taught by Professor Yassin Alsalman, also known by his stage name Narcy, the course is called Kanye vs. Ye: Genius by Design, and will focus on all things Kanye West.

"Listen, in 2013 I was given the opportunity and blessing to teach at Concordia University," Alsalman wrote on Instagram. "Over the course of years, I grew the class from 40 students to 200 a semester, moved us to an auditorium."

This isn't the first course Alsalman has offered focused on a musician — but it may be his most ambitious.

"I want to bring something new and fresh to students. An opportunity to bring more amazing guests to the University and to discuss the world through the lens of one of the most influential artists of our generation," he wrote on Instagram.

The course will be a deep-dive into West himself, including themes that come up in conversations about the controversial artist. "It's about community, creativity, responsibility, accountability, fame and mental health, dreams and nightmares - and more importantly, self-actualisation."

When he isn't teaching, Professor Yassin Alsalman is known by his stage name, Narcy. His next album will be premiering soon, with its first single IRAQAFELLA dropping on Friday, March 18.

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